The Sabayon foundation is always looking for funds. Please read below for a list of goals we are pursuing:

This is what we need to cover our daily duties:

  • Keep our infrastructure online: our servers and mirroring infrastructure require some little cash to keep going
  • Keep our servers updated: this year we are planning a complete build server upgrade, to make possible to push updates and fixes even faster
  • Non-profit foundation funding: make the project team able to take part in public events, like FOSDEM (travel expenses, DVD making to give awayetc)
  • Development funding: help us buying new hardware and feel happy geeks

We would like to thank everybody who has donated in the past. We all hope to see you back supporting us next year.

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Money donations via Cryptocurrency

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  • ETH 0xbe15335b19F854802554C974Dd637650f1201525
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  • XMR 49oFnBbQbwXEJ8eTcWxVDb12Sbktn9XHQ6ysezutij4xGbXLYaygeDNTWEKoae9E4fMedQJy5g9QMQk1Hy7YuB7HHaJSGdg
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